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Welcher Kölner kennt es nicht? In der ganzen Stadt blockieren kaputte Fahrräder die viel zu wenigen Fahrradparkplätze, stehen Fußgängern im Weg und verschandeln das Stadtbild. Das Ordnungsamt der Stadt Köln findet pro Jahr mehr als 3.000 Fahrradwracks im Stadtgebiet und … Weiterlesen →

The Apple Mac OS operating system comes with the Apple Mail, Address Book and Calendar applications. These programs are used by many companies for email and collaboration. Apple provides a synchronization of emails, contacts and appointments from the personal mailboxes of the users to the applications, but lacks of the synchronization of the Exchange Server … WeiterlesenSynchronizing Enterprise Address Lists to the Apple Mac OS Address Book The post Synchronizing Enterprise Address Lists to the Apple Mac OS Address Book Weiterlesen

messageconcept will attend the IT & Business expo in in Stuttgart, Germany in Stuttgart, Germany. The exhibition specializes in CRM and DMS software. We will showcase our software messageconcept PeopleSync. We will show you how to sync contact data from CRM systems such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM to every phone with our software … Weiterlesenmessageconcept at the IT & Business Expo The post messageconcept at the IT & Business Expo appeared first on messageconcept GmbH.

The Global Address List in Exchange Server contains the contact data from all mailboxes and contacts in a company. The GAL might be searched online from many devices, but offline synchronization and Caller ID resolution are not available. The address book entries can be fetched by PeopleSync to bring them to your Android SmartPhones and … WeiterlesenBest Practice: How to synchronize Exchange Server GALs to your Android Phones and Tablets The post Best Practice: How to synchronize Exchange Server GALs Weiterlesen