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A new version of our software messageconcept ExSBR has been released. The new version is able to route inbound and internal mail to a specific smarthost. The functionality will be controlled by a registry key per transport server. The new version will be provided to all maintenance customers on request only. There is no need … Weiterlesenmessageconcept ExSBR 3.02 Release The post messageconcept ExSBR 3.02 Release appeared first on messageconcept GmbH.

The most asked questions at our support hotline regard to the success of the ExSBR routing decision. For many customers the ExSBR ruleset itself might be a little difficult to understand, for others the tracking inside Microsoft Exchange Server is too complicated. The flowchart diagram helps to drill routing issues down to the software component, … Weiterlesenmessageconcept ExSBR Routing Check Guide The post messageconcept ExSBR Routing Check Guide appeared first on messageconcept GmbH.