1001 Cargo Bike Configurations

1001 Cargo Bike Configurations

We got a custom cargo bike based on the well-known Bullitt from Larry vs. Harry last year. To have the maximum flexibility, besides the custom design in our corporate colors, we added some nice options, I would like to blog about.


The Cargo Platform

By default the Bullitt comes with a plain platform, we decided to get one made out of plywood.

Emma - Bullitt Cargo Bike

Emma - Bullitt Cargo Bike Platform


The Box Configuration

By adding a Box from Punta Velo, we have a lockable trunk on the platform. This is very good for shopping or to store some stuff on the road.

Emma - Bullitt Cargo Bike Box


The Bike Transporter

We mounted a Thule bike rack on a plywood plate to be able to transport another bike with the cargo bike. Additionally, we mounted a frame to securely place one or two small 40x30cm EuroNorm boxes on the platform. And if you are thirsty: Beer crates are the same box size… ;-)

Emma - Bullitt Cargo Bike Transporter with Thule Bike Rack

Emma - Bullitt Cargo Bike Thule Rack Emma - Bullitt Cargo Bike Transporter with Thule Bike Rack Emma - Bullitt Cargo Bike - Bike Rack on Plywood Emma- Bulllitt Cargo Bike - Thule Bike Rack Emma - Bullitt Cargo Bike - Bike Transporter without a Bike


The Sound Bike

By adding a battery-powered speaker, we get the perfect sound bike for Critical Mass Cologne and are still able to transport some stuff. The speaker is mounted on a short post and needs no additional fixing. In an additional M20 metric screw thread, we are able to store a long post to use the sound bike for events. The speaker is an “E-Lektron EL38-M” mobile sound system. It is mounted on some König & Meyer accessories. To mount all that stuff and still have a clean cargo platform, we put everything on an additional plywood board, that can be removed easily.

Emma - Bullitt Cargo Bike as Sound Bike

Emma - Bullitt Cargo Bike as Sound Bike with huge Speaker Post Emma - Bullitt Cargo Bike - Sound Bike for Events with Speaker on high post. Emma - Bullitt Cargo Bike - Sound Bike Detail Emma - Bullitt Cargo Bike - Plywood platform for mounting EuroNorm boxes, speakers and so on.


The Mobile Workplace

The post of the sound bike can also be used for mounting a notebook holder to create a mobile workplace. This can be used on the sound bike by a DJ, but also, if the bike is used on exhibitions or events. And for sure, this might be the preferred configuration for the next Park(ing) Day in Cologne. The post and the holder are stable enough to mount the notebook while cycling. The notebook is fixed with velcro tape on the holder.



Some details, such as the Klickfix Mini-Adapters for removable bottle cages or bags and the rear lights at the end of the cargo platform are not part of a standard configuration. The lights are Busch & Müller TopLight Line Small, mounted to the lower bottle cage screw thread. These two rear lights and the Busch & Müller Fly Premium front light are powered by a SON hub dynamo. The bottle cage comes from SKS and the bag from KlickFix manufacturer Rixden & Kaul. The AirZound horn in the mid provides some noise, if a car driver does not see you.

Emma - Bullitt Cargo Bike with additional rear lights and removable bottle cage Emma - Bullitt Cargo Bike - removable side bag.

The bike comes with a full Shimao Deore XT 1×11 setup plus some Hope components. The frame kit and the box in corporate colors are from Punta Velo in Essen, the custom built was done by the best bike shop on this planet, MTB Store in Eschweiler. The rack is a Tubus LOCC with a KlickFix mount for an ABUS lock.


Fahre beim CM in Freiburg mit einem Bullit.
Moin Chrischmi, Ist deine Musikanlage mit dem integrierten Akku zu emfehlen?
Hält der Akku 2 Stunden bei satter Lautstärke?
Wäre über Rat sehr dankbar, bevor ich mir so eine Anlage kaufe.
Danke, Grüße aus FR

Der Akku hält mehrere Stunden. Wir nutzen das Ding für die CM und beim ADFC für Demos etc.

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